FAB First Study Visit – Curricula Development

The first Study Visit of the Erasmus Project FAB took place between 19-21 October 2021. Due to ongoing pandemic country restrictions, most partners (with the exception of the University of Nicosia (UNIC)) participated online. The study visit was marked with great success and all expected outcomes were achieved with participants interacting, engaging and progressing well during these three days.

This study visit, being one of the two European study visits of the project, aimed to offer Asian participants insights into the teaching processes, courses and lab setups, and other operational issues of relevant and equivalent Postgraduate degrees offered in the European partners’ universities. This was the first important step for the design of the new curriculum as the partners were asked to exchange ideas, discuss their vision of what their envisaged new programme should include, identify country-relevant specifics pertaining to higher education in their respective countries, and finally agree on a broad structure for the proposed program.

At the end of the study visit, similar drafts of the Master’s programme in Family Business Management were shared between partners. Further actions by all partners were agreed upon, including the continuation of the work on various templates for the handbook on curricula development, which are expected to be completed during the second and final study visit to be hosted by UNIC in Cyprus.