P9 – Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM)

Date of Establishment – 2022

The Centre was officially launched by Professor Datuk Ts. Dr Hajah Roziah Mohd Janor, the Vice Chancellor of Universiti Teknologi MARA on the 26 September 2022. It was officially opened by His Excellency, Mr. H.E. Michalis Rokas, Ambassador and Head of the European Union Delegation to Malaysia on 13 October 2023. Scope and Objectives

The Centre acts as the foci for teaching and learning, research and innovation, consultancy, meeting or discussion with family business entrepreneurs, workshop and seminars and supporting international cooperation projects based on multilateral partnerships between organisations active in the field of higher education.


  1. To act as an industrial stakeholder contact point at the national and international level
    promoting better dialogue between the business sector and the government.
  2. To promote better dialogues between the business sector and the government by
    helping to convey the concerns faced by the sector with regard to policy consultation
  3. To improve teaching, assessment mechanisms for university staff and students, quality
    assurance, management, governance, inclusion, innovation, knowledge base, digital
    and entrepreneurial capacities, and linkages with internalisation.
  4. To develop a curriculum of global master’s programs and professional courses
    offered by UiTM and in collaboration with other institutions of higher learning.
  5. To conduct research and innovation to ensure programs remain high and sustainable
    in the regional priorities’ agenda.


Physical Space of the Centre

The Centre is located in Tun Abdul Razak Library at Samarahan Campus 2. It has three
rooms and a Forum Space.


Room 1 houses the necessary ICT equipment as a supporting system to deliver the Master Programmes and Professional Courses and conduct research. The list of equipment was acquired under the guidance of the EU Higher Educational Institute and the industrial partners, to tailor it to local contexts and facilities (Note: This room is still waiting for upgrading such as cupboard for small equipment, table and chairs for small group discussion).

map4 (2)

Room 2 is a round table discussion room.

map4 (3)
map4 (4)

Room 3 is a seminar cum classroom.

map4 (5)
map4 (6)

Forum Space is used for holding mini Conference, Public Talks and Workshops.

map4 (7)
map4 (8)

Equipment in the context of FAB

Multimedia Education System set (SMARTONE) and mobile rack


map4 (20)



  1. Centre open 24/7 for all UiTM staff, students for teaching and learning, discussion
    and meeting. The centre also open for family business entrepreneurs who need a
    space for meeting and discussion.
  2. Training program for staff and students
  3. Workshop
  4. Seminar
  5. Info Day


Contact person
Ling Siew Eng ([email protected])