Family Business development Centre at Kathmandu University School of Management (KUSOM)

Date of establishment

April 2024


Scope & Objectives 

Vision –  

To be the center of promoting enhancing and developing family business across Nepal 

Mission –  

The Family Business Center at Kathmandu University School of Management serves as a dedicated unit for consultancy and services tailored to the unique dynamics of family businesses in Nepal. Specializing in areas like business development, family constitution design, scaling up and dedicated research, it offers comprehensive support to nurture and sustain the growth of these enterprises, fostering both economic prosperity and social harmony within the Nepalese family business landscape 


  1. Provide customized training to family business. 
  2. Create networking platform  for family business to collaborate 
  3. Conduct Family Business research and consulancy. 
  4. Provide specialized training service for family business such as development of family constitution


Equipment in the context of FAB project


Total Amount invested NPR  793.999.99 equivalent to approx USD 5101.27 


FAB Center Pictures