Cambodian University for Specialties Hosts FAB Info Day, Highlighting Family Businesses as an Engine for Cambodia’s Economy

The Cambodian University for Specialties (CUS) hosted a successful FAB Info Day, emphasizing the crucial role of family businesses in Cambodia’s economic development. The event, aligned with the FAB Project’s mission, featured a captivating panel discussion facilitated by Dr. Ma Bunsengrithy, vice-rector of CUS, and shed light on the project’s importance for aspiring and established family business owners.

The FAB Info Day at the Cambodian University for Specialties featured prominent figures who underscored the importance of the FAB Project for Cambodia’s future. Michel Khaou, Managing Director of Bright Star, highlighted the crucial role of SMEs, particularly family businesses, in driving the country’s real GDP. Mr. Khaou emphasized the FAB program’s significance, stating it empowers not only students and their families but the entire nation by fostering job creation through successful SMEs.

Similarly, Mr. Mao Vibol, Founder & Chairman of BP Development, expressed strong support for the FAB program, acknowledging that a business idea alone is insufficient for long-term success. He believes the FAB program equips students with the necessary knowledge and skills to ensure the sustainability of their future businesses.

Finally, Mr. Hem Sayon, Managing Director at MRTJC, echoed the program’s value, emphasizing the importance of purpose for aspiring entrepreneurs. “If you want to become an entrepreneur, you need a purpose on why you want to start your business, what it provides to your community and country, and focus on it,” Mr. Sayon advised. These insights from industry leaders solidify the FAB Project’s potential to empower the next generation of Cambodian entrepreneurs and contribute to the country’s continued economic growth.

The FAB Info Day at CUS generated significant enthusiasm for the FAB Project’s potential to empower Cambodian family businesses. The insights from industry leaders like Mr. Khaou, Mr. Vibol, and Mr. Sayon highlight the project’s relevance and its potential to equip the next generation of entrepreneurs with the tools they need to succeed and contribute to Cambodia’s continued economic growth.