AHIBS Act.Collab.Transform Lab (AHIBS ACT LAB) and Podcast Studio

 AHIBS Act.Collab.Transform Lab (AHIBS ACT LAB) and Podcast Studio


Malaysia – Universiti Teknologi Malaysia


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Azman Hashim International Business School (UTM AHIBS)
Level 12, Menara Razak,
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
Jalan Semarak 54100 Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA


  1. Date of establishment: 17th January 2023
  2. Scope & Objectives:


SCOPE: The ACT Lab will act as a centre that focus for research and innovation in the area of entepreneurship and family business thus ensuring that family business education will remain high in the regional priorities agenda for a long time after the project has been completed. They will promote entrepreneurial behaviour (including innovation) in existing family firms. Addtionally, the ‘Family Business Centers of Excellence’ will act ‘family business contacts point’ at national level and will promote better dialogue between the family business sector and the government and help convey the concerns faced by the sector into policy consultation processes.



A hub equipped with the latest technological equipment for use lecturers, students, and the community involved. The ACT Lab and Podcast Studio were established to realize the objectives of AHIBS and Erasmus+CBHE FAB, ANGEL and IND 4.0 in offering hybrid learning and providing space for training, consultancy and research. This computer lab will also providing an information technology (IT) space that conducive and high-tech.


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A heartfelt thank you to Prof. Ts. Dr. Abd Latif Saleh, Pro-Vice-Chancellor of UTM Kuala Lumpur, for gracing @utmahibs with your presence!

Your visit provided us with a wonderful opportunity to discuss and delve deeper into what makes @utmahibs truly special.

We are immensely grateful for your valuable insights and the enriching discussions that took place during your time here.

Let’s continue to build upon the connections made and achieve greater heights of excellence!


Our Friday engagement!

Another knowledge sharing session by our #internationalresearchproject, Asean Network of Green Entrepreneurship and Leadership (ANGEL).

Learn about the Erasmus project, get excited about collaboration opportunities, and get inspired by experiences of experts in green entrepreneurship and leadership.

See you tomorrow! #erasmusplus #greenentrepreneurship #utmahibs


Digital Marketing Class


Design Thinking is now an integral part of our curriculum at Azman Hashim International Business School. Students can explore this innovative approach in subjects such as Healthcare Informatics, Digital Thinking & Creativity, and MIDAS.

Additionally, Design Thinking is offered as part of our executive education programmes. It fosters creativity, problem-solving, innovation, and teamwork!

YBhg. Dato’ Rosthman Ibrahim’s Insightful Talk on Accounting and Finance for Decision Making last Sunday!

We @utmahibs are very honoured to host YBhg. Dato’ Rosthman Ibrahim, a renowned figure from MD Nautical Insight Sdn Bhd and the owner of Grand Swiss-Belhotel, Melaka who shared his invaluable expertise with AHIBS DBA students, hybrid in both KL and China for the module PBSA1413 – Accounting and Finance for Decision Making.

His insights illuminated the intricacies of Finance and Accounting, leaving the students inspired and better equipped for the challenges ahead.

A special token of appreciation was presented by Dr. Siti Zaleha, @utmahibs talent.

A big thank you to YBhg. Dato’ and all participants!

International Research at AHIBS

#throwback to the 2nd TOT Training Workshop for ANGEL; Asean Network for Green Entrepreneurship and Leadership. The workshop was held from 7th until 9th August, in Kuala Lumpur and Johor Bahru campus. Participants were exposed to Business Canvas Model, Fundamental in Design Thinking, Green Marketing and Developing Green Business Ideas.

The sharing sessions were conducted by AP. Dr Adriana, AP. Dr. Haliyana, Dr Umar Haiyat, Dr Teo and Dr Farah Akmar.

ANGEL is an international research project granted to AHIBS with the aim of building green entrepreneurship and innovation capabilities at eleven ASEAN Universities in partner countries. This initiative seeks to create opportunities for economic growth and address long-standing challenges in economy and social well-being in ASEAN. The project is led by Professor Dr. Rosmini Omar.

In an inspiring display of synergy, the esteemed Harbin Institute of Information Technology, China, embarked on a journey of knowledge and growth with the distinguished @utmahibs last Monday.

The delegates from Harbin Institute are immersing themselves in an immersive training program meticulously crafted to unveil innovative paradigms in higher education teaching and learning approaches.

Beyond this dynamic training, this collaboration serves as a gateway to a world of unparalleled possibilities. The distinguished institutions are diligently exploring avenues that encompass not only teaching and learning but also talent development and pioneering research endeavors.

Welcome, all delegates, to @utmahibs!

The Act Lab; work in progress.

Situated in Level 12, Menara Razak, this new space will offer hybrid learning, support start-ups and incubators, and foster research collaboration.

In pictures, Dr. Haliyana and her team are testing the equipment. The technology devices in the Act Lab are sponsored by three Erasmus+ grants, namely Family Business (FAB), Asean Network for Green Leadership and Entrepreneurship (ANGEL), and Industry 4.0 (Ind4.0).

5. Equipment in the context of FAB project (amount spent, photos of equipment)


Samsung Smart Tv 65 Inch 1 4150.00 4150.00
KALOC Height Adjustable Multimedia Carts Tv Mounts For 50-80inch – Ts190-Blk 1 1235.00 1235.00
Mini PC I7 – 32G RAM + 512G SSD 1 5000.00 5000.00
24″ Samsung Ips Monitor Lf24t350fhexxm 1 700.00 700.00
PTZ Camera Arv-Vc212-12x Zoom 1 3500.00 3500.00
Mic/Speaker Android Arv-I2600 1 5300.00 5300.00
Greenscreen 10″ Stretch Poly Fabric 1 2500.00 2500.00
Dual Lamp On Tripod 1 1000.00 1000.00
Wireless Mic (2 Unit In 1 Set) 1 3000.00 3000.00
Delivery, Installation, Setup And Training 1 400.00 400.00
Macbook Pro 14” 1 10799.00 10799.00
NB TP X13 AMD G2 R5_PRO 16G 512G 10P

Serial No: PC2HZ4KL

1 4909.00 4909.00

Serial #: ( C02JN00MQ6XD )

1 8259.00 8259.00
TOTAL 50,752.00

6. Photos of the Equipment

7. Contact person (Name & email): AP Dr Haliyana Khalid